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Having worked for some time for an Estate Agent I quickly became aware of the problems that arise for a family if a family member dies leaving a property but none of the family live locally to the house to be able to clear it, clean it, prepare it for sale or rent.
On top of this if the property is to be sold there is the Estate Agent to deal with and the property needs to be overseen whilst the property is up for sale.
This is where we would step in.  Assisting as much or as little as you might require.
We can do a house clearance but would use skips for this for anything which was to be disposed of as we do not hold a licence to dispose of commercial waste.  We would of course prepare any of the contents which could be useful to a charity to arrange for collection.
We can deep clean the property.  Liaise with the Estate Agent to organise the sale.
Oversee the property, popping along weekly to tidy up the garden, deal with post to whatever extent the family requires and generally keep the property to the standard of cleanliness and order that a potential buyer would find appealing.
We have also assisted in the moving of elderly residents from their home to sheltered accommodation.  This is a particularly delicate task as it can be a very difficult time for the person being moved.
For further advice on any of the above please do not hesitate to get in touch.


This service can be as large or as small as your problem dictates.
Often the contents of a house / room / loft or garage can seem overwhelming.
You may have thought many times about tackling the job but can never quite face it.
This is where we can step in.  We can either do the job for you after consultation with yourself as to exactly what you require.  Or we can work alongside you to help get the task done.  This can often be extremely helpful as when you know there is someone coming to assist it drives you forward to tackle the task.
Of course this does not simply apply to your home.  You may have a stock-room at your business which has become almost unusable but you simply do not have time in your work day to deal with it.  Panic no longer....... give us a call.



I strongly believe that there are two types of people, those who love to organise and those for whom the very thought of having to organise something fills their heart with terror.
I, most definitely fall into the first category.  I am never happier than when I am sorting something out.  Be it a cluttered room, organising a holiday, planning a family event and so the list goes on.
During my career I have found that once my fellow workers caught on that I could organise they would flock to me in their droves for assistance.  I have never minded this, in fact I would rather enjoy being able to help them.
This ability ties in nicely with some of the other services I offer.  
As long as I am at the helm directing the ship I know that my team can offer a service that is second to none.
To find out if I can help you with anything that you need to plan or organise please do not hesitate to call me to discuss.

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I am a perfectionist and therefore I will ensure that whatever you have asked me to do is done to the best of my ability. No job is too big or small as they say and no matter how small the job it will get the same level of attention as the biggest of jobs.

My business is very much about people. Making sure everyone is happy. Not just my customers but every single person involved. I believe that the reason that anything I plan and run is so successful is because of my attitude to people.

My career has been very varied. I have been self-employed for most of my life and for ten years I ran a company which employed ladies doing part time work. It was kept very small deliberately as I wanted to be there for my 3 boys as they grew. This meant that I worked with a huge variety of people in many very different roles. Hence the Testimonial from John Dicken. I went in to help with the running of his three businesses for a short while and ended up staying for two years helping to organise and run many outside events and Weddings. I had a wonderful time working with John and I stayed until he had reached the point where he was back to going it alone.

Working alongside Paul Mason Estate Agents has given me an insight into the perils of leaving a property empty and unlooked after for any length of time and so “Empty Property Management” is something I feel quite passionate about.

I am honest and trustworthy. Suffice to say……. I will never let you down.


What Our Clients Say

"I would recommend Judith as her attention to detail and honest work ethic have made her a pleasure to work with"

John Dicken

Dickens Restaurant, Halstead